The Nationwide-Aspira Insurance Education Curriculum is the result of a partnership between the ASPIRA Association and Nationwide Insurance with the goal of developing a model, national, bilingual Financial Education Program for young adults between the ages of 18 to 26. The goal of the Nationwide/ASPIRA partnership is to educate Latino youth and recent immigrants; especially those living in low-income communities, on the importance of insurance as a critical step in building long-term financial security. ASPIRA and Nationwide recognize the role insurance can play in protecting investments, generating savings, increasing ownership and building individual, family and community wealth.

This curriculum is one of the first comprehensive insurance literacy tools of its kind. It comprises five separate, stand-alone units that can be taught individually or in combination, depending on the target audience’s needs. The units are: Introduction to Insurance; Auto Insurance; Renters Insurance; Homeowners Insurance and Life Insurance. Due to the complexities of the issue, health insurance is mentioned but not covered in detail. Each unit may be taught in a workshop format and lasts about one hour. Additionally, the curriculum contains the option of being broken into shorter activities that may be incorporated into existing high school or financial literacy courses.

Each unit comes complete with pre and post tests, overhead slides, handouts and detailed instructors notes that include class discussion topics and games. Instructors are encouraged to invite guest speakers from the insurance field who can answer direct questions about products. There are several opportunities to reinforce computer skills through working with Excel spreadsheets and performing Internet searches. Instructors who wish to expand on the overall financial literacy and skills of their audience can supplement the insurance curriculum with FDIC’s Money Smart curriculum (CD Rom included). Money Smart covers 10 major financial education topics, is brand-neutral, comes in Spanish and English, and further contributes to the overall goal of wealth development within the Latino community

Introduction to the Financial Education on Insurance
Introduction to Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
Auto Insurance Module
Auto Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
Renters Insurance Module
Renters Insurance PowerPoint
Home Owners Insurance Module
Home Owners Insurance PowerPoint
Life Insurance Module
Life Insurance PowerPoint
Introduccion a Educacion Financiera en Seguros
Modulos sobre Seguros de Auto – Adultos
Folletos de Trabajo: Seguros de Auto
Presentacion PowerPoint sobre Seguros de Auto – Jovenes
Presentacion PowerPoint sobre Seguro de Auto – Adultos
Modulos sobre Seguros de Auto – Jovenes
Modulos sobre Seguro para Inquilinos
Presentacion PowerPoint sobre Seguro para Inquilinos
Folletos de Trabajo: Seguros para Inquilinos
Modulo sobre Seguros para Dueños de Hogares
Folletos de Trabajo: Seguros para Dueños de Hogares
Presentacion PowerPoint sobre Seguros para Dueños de Hogar
Modulo sobre Seguros de Vida
Folletos de Trabajo: Suguros de Vida
Presentacion PowerPoint sobre Seguros de Vida