Dear Aspirante:

Since ASPIRA is a national organization working to further the interest of Hispanic youth, your desire to further your education is important to us and should be commended. The ASPIRA Association, Inc. does not currently provide financial assistance, but perhaps we can direct you to some organizations that might be able to help. To most effectively plan your search, you should contact the necessary organizations up to a year in advance. Your first step should be to decide on a few schools and contact their financial aid offices, asking about any scholarships or financial aid they offer to minority students. Be sure to explore all financial aid and scholarship possibilities, not just those opportunities targeted specifically towards minorities. The federal government has several major financial aid packages, work-study programs, and grants. You may contact their educational hotline at 1-(800) 433-3243.

If you live in or near Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey; New York, New York, Southbridge, Massachusetts, Newark, Delaware, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; you may want to contact the local ASPIRA offices in those cities. They will be able to provide you with more information on scholarship and financial possibilities.