Children, Youth & Families

Univision: Es el momento  is aimed at improving academic achievement among K-12 Hispanic students with a specific focus on increasing rates of high school graduation, college readiness, college completion and engaging Hispanic parents and the broader community in these efforts.

Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) This organization is a leader in child advocacy, particularly for minority children and those with disabilities. Its site provides information and resources on children’s issues, news related to children’s well-being and child care, publications, and a site map.  This great-looking animated site created by the medical experts at The Nemours Foundation is devoted to the health of children and teens. It offers up-to-date health and medical information and fun educational features, with sections for Kids, Parents, Professionals, links to related articles, sites.

The Carnegie Corporation  The Carnegie Corporation’s comprehensive site includes a detailed description of its grantmaking program and recent grant list for Education and Healthy Development of Children and Youth, focusing on the need for improvement in the education of disadvantaged minority students and the link between educational achievement and healthy development.

The Corporation also has four special initiatives on youth: –Carnegie Task Force on Learning in the Primary Grades, Starting Points State and Community Partnerships for Young Children , Carnegie Task Force on Meeting the Needs of Young Children , Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) The Child Welfare League of America is devoted to the well-being of America’s vulnerable children and their families. Its site features current projects, news and events, action alerts and statistics, agency membership, CWLA publications, and links to member nonprofit organizations and related sources. 

Children, Youth and Family Consortium, University of Minnesota (CWLA) The CWLA Consortium’s Electronic Clearinghouse (CEC) at the University of Minnesota is an electronic bridge to information and resources on children, youth and families. You’ll find events and activities, an experts’ file, a list of CWLA publications, discussion groups, and links to related resources.

Women & Girls

Feminist Internet Gateway A comprehensive list of women’s sites ranging from “General Women’s Issues” to “Women’s Studies and Centers.” There is a site-wide search engine, an index, and an online feminist merchandise and bookstore.

The Global Fund for Women strives to advance female human rights and improve women’s economic autonomy and access to communications in countries around the world. The Fund does not support programs in the United States, however, nor does it fund individuals. An award-winning site with program descriptions, photos, news, and links to related sites.

The Ms. Foundation works to change the lives of women and girls through grants and technical assistance to programs focusing on economic security, leadership, health, and safety. Its site includes a description of services, a site map, resource links, funding guidelines, FAQ’s, and an online “Take Our Daughters to Work” merchandise store.

WomensNet This group supports women’s organizations worldwide by providing and adapting telecommunications technology to enhance the workplace. The site includes news, features, and a site-wide search engine.

Women’s Philanthropy Institute This is a nonprofit educational institute governed by women, which joins philanthropists, volunteers, and professional funders to educate and empower women as philanthropists, donators, and volunteers. There is an online newsletter, information about a speaker’s bureau, and relevant links.

Resources for Parents 

The ASPIRA Parents for Educational Excellence Program (APEX) offers Latino parents training on-how to support their children’s education and how to get involved with their schools in educational reform related activities.

AVANCE – Family support and Education Program is a private, non-profit organization whose main purpose is to strengthen and support families. AVANCE was created in 1973 with seed money from the Zale foundation. The goals of this organization are : To provide direct services whereby: parents and children can realize their fullest potential; families are strengthened; child abuse and neglect, and educational problems in young children are prevented; and the economic conditions of the family are stabilized. Conduct research on the conditions and factors associated with poverty and other social/economic problems in high-risk communities. Conduct evaluation on the effectiveness of the delivery of services. Operate a national training center to share and disseminate information, material and curriculum to service providers and policy makers interested in supporting high-risk Hispanic families.

The Parent Information Network includes extensive articles on parenting , listservs, and links to more than 100 sites on education, health and safety, family issues and interests.

At the National PTA site learn about PTA education programs and participate on discussion groups.

Learning Network is proud to be supported by many of the country’s leading education organizations, and is committed to achieving the shared mission of providing parents, educators, and children with the resources necessary to foster their success both in school and in life.

ACT, “the college testing company” offers along with career planning, the Information for Parents section offers a checklist of steps recommended to get a middle or high schooler onto the right academic track early so that he or she can get into and do well in a college of choice. Parents will especially appreciate the financial aid information pages.