The goal of the ASPIRA Youth Development Curriculum is to build resiliency and leadership skills, positive identity and self-esteem through a comprehensive positive youth development program. Through this self-paced course ASPIRA seeks to help guide your  future actions and development.  As a participant you will develop knowledge of self and others in order to prepare for effective leadership through the exposure to a series of activities that promote healthy self esteem, identity, cultural awareness, positive academic skills, and organizational skills, among others.

This self-paced program is delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS), through which you will have access to courses and other instructional support resources.  Our curriculum is divided into four levels.  The levels were named after the four social levels of the Taino Indians to reflect the skills and knowledge needs as well as personal development of the program participants.  These levels are as follows:

The curriculum is sequential; its structured (lessons are numbered , please follow the sequence) and courses content reflects your interest and required skill.  Throughout the curriculum you will find that we have incorporated videos, simulations, interactive games, links to additional resources and many handouts presenting additional information and activities. In addition you will be required to have a journal or notebook for taking notes, answer questions and write your thoughts about specific situations you will be confronted.  In many instances you will be asked to discuss or share your answers or opinions with your Club Advisor or Counselor.  Make sure you follow the course instructions. If you have any questions please contact your Club Advisor.

Access the on-line youth development courses by clicking the icons below: