Taking the time to choose a good faulty advisor is very important. An advisor who does not attend meetings and does not provide you with good information regarding school policies is not a valuable resource.  An advisor should provide good advice regarding general club problems. His or her suggestions should be taken into consideration before making any final decisions.

  • All clubs must have a faculty advisor who is a teacher, counselor or other faculty member from your school.
  • Faculty advisors must be able to attend the club’s weekly meetings and must remain for the entire meeting.Try to choose and advisor who is familiar with, and advocate on behalf of, the club’s goals.
  • The advisor should serve as a liaison between the school and the Leadership Clubs.
  • The advisor should advise club members and the ASPIRA facilitator of school guidelines.
  • The advisor should demonstrate good leadership skills.
  • The advisor should allow the club cabinet members and general membership take responsibility for the club and activities planned by the club.
  • The advisor should encourage club members to hold each other accountable.
  • The advisor should keep in touch with ASPIRA’s Leadership Development Program staff.