All committees are responsible for the following:

  • Electing a Chairperson during club elections at the end of each year.
  • Meeting to develop a plan for a particular action/event.
  • Researching all details about an action/event.
  • Establishing task forces whenever necessary to carry out specific duties of a project.
  • Considering financial requirements of action/event.
  • Working in conjunction with other committees to carry out the work.

Cultural Awareness

  1. Promote Puerto Rican/Latino culture and build pride in Puerto Rican/Latino heritage among the club members, the student body, and the community.
  2. Promote knowledge of events and individuals related to the Puerto Rican/Latino experience.
  3. Develop a plan of action to carry out at least one cultural awareness activity within the school or outer community.
  4. Research and organize activities that involve the Puerto Rican/Latino culture and experience (i.e., plays, museums, concerts, movies, etc.)

Community Action

  1. Identify and research a major issue that the Puerto Rican/Latino community faces in New York. All the club members should select the topic.
  2. Develop a plan of action to respond to the identified issue.
  3. Carry out the plan through the club.

Public Relations

  1. Create a positive image of ASPIRA and the Leadership Club within the school and surrounding.
  2. Conduct year-around recruitment drives.
  3. Create and post flyers to advertise club meetings and all special events. (Remember that all flyers must be approved by the ASPIRA Development Office before distribution)
  4. Maintain and update Leadership Club bulletin board.
  5. Create a club banner.
  6. Document participation in activities (i.e., pictures, essays, awards, posters, etc.)