The ASPIRA Parents for Educational Excellence Program (APEX) mission is to increase Latino parents’ involvement in their children’s education by helping them learn about the intricacies of negotiating change and improving education in their communities.

The APEX Program has served as a model program in the area of community empowerment through parental involvement. The curriculum, which is available in English and Spanish (see below), consists of an intensive workshop series for parents, culminating in a graduation ceremony. The APEX Workshop Series consists of two manuals, the first of which is the APEX Workshop Series Manual, which includes the following ten workshops for parents:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Why is Education Important?
  • The Home Connection
  • School Structure
  • What Does Parental Involvement Really Mean?
  • The Importance of Communication
  • Involvement With Schools
  • Organizing Parent Networks
  • Group Dynamics
  • An Effective Facilitator

After completing the workshop series, many APEX graduates choose to enhance their leadership development skills by becoming facilitators of the program. Parents are trained using the Manual for APEX Facilitators. In this way, APEX reaches its goal of training parents to pass on their knowledge to other parents.

To understand how best implement the program please study the attached Implementation Manual.

About APEX

APEX Implementation Internal Manual pdf
Parent Rights During Middle and High School pdf
Questions Parents Should Ask pdf
Parent Engagement Programs pdf

APEX Manuals:
English APEX Workshop Guide
English APEX Facilitators Guide
Spanish APEX Workshop Guide
Spanish APEX Facilitators Guide