Jorge Luis Allende Maldonado was born in December 21, 1993, in the Federico Trilla Hospital in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Parents Abimael Allende Manso, municipal police, and Luz Nereida Maldonado Santiago, pharmacy technician. He is the third out of six brothers, Abimael, Abneris, Katy, Abimael and Daneysha.

His education began very early in the HEAD START María de la Cruz, where he distinguished himself from his companions, because his concerns always go beyond. He attended elementary school in the Celso González Vaillánt school, where always highlighted by his talent and interest in education to participate in science fairs and other educational skills, always obtaining the top. By this time, sixth grade, he joined ASPIRA, highlighted by their community work and great sociability. He graduated with high honors from the elementary school, then went to the middle school Belen Blanco de Zequeira, where he met great difficulties due to the stage of change, which usually all we perceive. But he did not end there and never gave up, he realized the true importance of education and the impact this would have on his future and strove to further his classes. These years of middle education were not the exception and he competed three consecutive years in science fairs, always getting among the top three places. In addition, participated in skills of spelling, writing, Spanish speech, Science and Mathematics, both inside and outside the school, always getting awards. He participated in several events in public speaking and reading in ASPIRA, organization that never went through unnoticed in his formation.

In eighth grade along with several of his colleagues he was awarded the ladder of academic excellence award. He graduated from ninth grade with academic excellence and top honors. In the Carlos Escobar Lopez, this time a little more prepared for the change that should confront, he entered high school. As it is his custom, he remained an excellent average and distinguished himself among his classmates for their great ability to establish good relations in the school community. Later, the same year, became the President of the ASPIRA Federation's delegates of aims, since that he had the opportunity to interact with entities, policies and communications, always ensuring the well-being of communities. After completing his 11th grade even with academic excellence, he won a student trip by the Office of Youth in Puerto Rico, to Boston and Canada, which managed to create new friendships and explore places unknown to him. Continues his 11th grade in the same school, where he maintains his average and receives the prize ladder of academic excellence and this time, ASPIRA rewards him for their hard work and he travels to WASHINGTON DC where he visited the National Office of this organization. He also visited the Pentagon and the Office of Federal Affairs of Puerto Rico in Washington. Later, he began to attend the twelfth grade in the new High Vocational school of Loíza and as in all previous years maintained his average of 4.00 points.

This year, he had the opportunity to appear in an article in the newspaper El Nuevo Día, which represented the great influence of aims in his life and his work by the community. Nominated by Sylnic Cruz, he entered a competition called "The hard of the matter" of the Nuevo Día Educador, where it would compete with students of all Puerto Rico in the category of social studies and turned out to be the winner, winning major awards including: a scholarship to complete his university studies and a trip to the United States. He was accepted at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, at the Faculty of natural sciences, but he will study at the Pontifical Catholic University in Ponce because it is in this university where he will benefit from the college scholarship. His plans are to make a Bachelor's degree in general science and then a doctorate in pharmacy, he will undertake a long journey that will not be easy, but with God's help, will succeed it.