us mapASPIRA, and our community, have an strong interest in increasing the number of Hispanics in high level positions in the new President Elect Obama’s Administration.  If you are interested in applying for a position in the new Administration, there are a few steps you should follow:


  1. Consult the Plum Book which lists all political positions in the Federal Government and the Government Manual which describes the agencies and offices of each branch of the federal government.
  2. Identify up to four specific political appointment positions in the Executive Branch you would be interested in.
  3. Apply on line at All applicants, regardless of the position they are seeking, or other contacts they may have, must apply on-line.
  4. More resources for applying for jobs in the new Administration are available here.
  5. In addition, send us a copy of your resume and preferences through e-mail at [email protected]. We will transfer your information on to the President-Elect’s Transition Team.

We hope this is helpful.