At ASPIRA we are looking forward to interacting with you on the many different Issues that effect our communities and have provided these tools in order to help you communicate with and interact with us and your fellow ASPIRAntes.

  • Groups – The group tool allow you to create your own “group” or community and interact with like minded individuals. A group is collection of people with common goals and interests.
  • Blogs – This tool will help you create your personal online diary. Blogs can be seen as a means of personal knowledge publishing, a place for researchers or enthusiasts to build and share knowledge about their interests. Or in project oriented sites, as a workspace for project members to post ideas for commenting by others in a group.To learn more about blogs or webblogs, click here
  • Forums – Don’t have the time to interact in real time? Leave a message on our forums. Instructions on how to create a forum are available here
  • Polls – Take our bi-weekly polls and lets us know what you think.