The ASPIRA Association has received a grant under the Department of Justice Program to support a two-year Mentoring Program that serves vulnerable youth by involving mentors in the lives of young people. The program seeks to reduce the incidence of gangs, delinquency, and drop-out rates and increase academic achievement among middle and high school students.

Objectives focus on:

1. Recruitment of middle and high school youth to participate in the program through one-on-one and group mentoring by culturally and linguistically sensitive individuals.

2. The involvement of adult mentors with our youth through structured mentoring experiences.

3. Parent Workshops designed to develop knowledge in adolescent growth, parenting, and school operations.

4. Staff trainings on research-based practices integrated with the Mentoring Program.

ASPIRA’s Mentoring Program Structure offers:

  • Saturday Academy
  • After-School Mentoring Program

Major Program Activities:

  • Program Orientation Meeting & Training
  • Program Orientation Meeting & Training
  • Workshops for Parents
  • Field Trips to Colleges and Career Facilities
  • Mentor/Mentee Recognition Event
  • Program Evaluation Activities

Find out how you can get involved by contacting one of our ASPIRA Offices:



Contact Name


Email Address

ASPIRA of New York


New York City

Renard Cardona


Director of Programs

[email protected]

ASPIRA of Delaware



Samanta Lopez

Mentoring Program Director

[email protected]


ASPIRA of Florida



Julie Bello

Program Director

[email protected]

ASPIRA of Illinois


Daisy Lezama

Director of  Programs

[email protected]


ASPIRA of New Jersey



Reinaldo Santiago

Program  Director

[email protected]

ASPIRA Association


Washington, DC

Hilda Crespo

National Mentoring Program Director

[email protected]



















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